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Career Advice

We promise to help you through the process of finding your next position.
As a candidate you will receive genuine advice and assessment. We will market your skills the best way we know how, guide you through your interviews and give you our best advice possible.
We will only submit your resume to a client with your knowledge and agreement.
In short, making a career move is one of the most important decisions you may face, and we promise to guide you through every step of the way and maintain a professional and courteous manner, no matter what your decision may be.

Hands on Committment

You are assigned a dedicated member of our team who takes part through every interaction and process between our clients and our candidates. The consultant is responsible for handling every aspect of the search, from the initial candidate approach and meeting , resume submissions , interview arrangements and all the way through to the closing negotiations.
Our search consultants are known for their relationship driven, results orientated approach to working with clients.

Open and Transparent Information

We provide both the client and the candidate with vital information such as salary details and such as to minimize risk of expectation mismatches during the job offer stage.
We actively look to minimize any problems that may arise during the whole process and final stages.
We believe being transparent with the professionals and the companies we work with enables us to build trust, confidence and the respect that allows us to represent both company and employee to the fullest.
We stick around, we do not simply provide candidates and then leave. That we promise.


At LJS confidentiality is at the top of our core value list for both our clients and our candidates.
Helping companies hire the best talent is not just our business, It is our passion.

Why Choose Us?

Not all recruiting companies are the same. You want and need recruitment experts who are skilled, professional in every area, work efficiently and to the highest standards possible.
You need an agency that is 100 percent committed to getting the best people into the best jobs. That is us!


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